The Tesla Model 3, for example, has supercar-level performance for a very reasonable price: £42,000 - £56,000. Top Gear Magazine describes it as one of the most compelling cars in the world right now. It can reach 60mph in as little as 4 seconds. Better still these cars have a range of over 300 miles.

A less expensive alternative is the Mini Electric. Starting at just £16,000, this stylish small car offers strong performance and a range of 145 miles, enough for almost any every-day journey. The longest range electric vehicle on the market at the moment is the luxury Mercedes EQS, which can travel 465 miles on a single charge.

The numbers for plug-in hybrids are even more compelling. Hyundai, Toyota, and Kia are all manufacturing models that can comfortably exceed 600 miles. Almost every mainstream vehicle on the market has a hybrid option now, with many offering performance that matches or exceeds their petrol driven equivalents. 0-60 times under 6 seconds are commonplace. A hybrid vehicle makes for huge savings on petrol costs, and tremendous cuts to emissions too. While they are not completely emission-free, there are many schools of thought that claim hybrid vehicles are better for the environment than electric cars, as the demand for battery range and the rare metals that are required to produce this, is much lower with a hybrid.

Most modern charging points, including those that we install at Stelectrix, can fully recharge electric or hybrid vehicles within 2 hours. So even with a long journey, with charging points becoming more and more common at service stations and motorways, it is practical to use an electric car. Installing a charging point at home makes great sense right now, as there are so many grants and subsidies available for this too.

With fuel prices increasing rapidly, our reliance on petrol-driven motor vehicles is becoming more and more antiquated, and electric vehicles are the future of motoring. Whether your main concern is range, price or performance, there is an electric vehicle on the market for you.