Many people considering electric vehicle ownership do not know this, but there are many portable chargers available, making EV ownership even more attractive and practical. This range of portable EV chargers enables an Electric Vehicle driver to increase their range, and charge their vehicle in an emergency. Portable EV chargers are now carried by many roadside assistance vehicles to come to the rescue of stranded EV drivers.

Portable Convenience

Many portable EV chargers are charged from a dedicated EV charger and are the size of a small suitcase. This is highly useful for EV owners who are unable to access a charger, for example, if you rent or can't access public charging points regularly. Fast chargers provide around 30 miles of range, and will deliver a full charge in under an hour.

Avoid being stranded

By carrying a portable electric charger, you can avoid becoming stranded in a remote area with your electric vehicle. It will enable you to travel an extra 30 miles or so, and find a charging point area, where you can recharge your electric vehicle, or make it home. The portable charger becomes a vital backup to your EV vehicle ownership experience.

Power banks

The charger can also be left in the household, and may actually earn you money, by taking electricity from the grid when the energy supply is cheaper at night, and selling it back to the grid when it is more expensive. In this way, you can make a valuable saving on your overall energy bill.

Petrol-driven portable chargers

While many see this as being against the ethos of electric vehicle ownership, if you need a charger in an emergency, these can be invaluable. It is also highly important not to use these indoors, of course.

The Juice Booster

This compact device enables charging from a conventional household socket. Each Juice Booster comes with an adaptor, which can then be with almost any socket in the world. With one of these, if you run out of power and are near any socket, you can charge your vehicle from this. The entire device weighs less than 1kg, and can be extended to 25 metres if needed.

Find out more about the Juice Booster 2 here.


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