OZEV Grants

Having an OZEV Approved electrical contractor to install your EV charging point is vital. It gives you access to £100s in government funding. The EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) grant came into being in April 2022, and gives both homeowners and tenants access to £350 of support to install a charging point in their home, as long as they meet criteria on off-street parking and have an eligible vehicle. This approval is also the gateway to accessing the WCS (Workplace Charging Scheme), for commercial landlords and workplace carparks.


Proven competent electricians

This grant is also available to housing associations and landlords, allowing them to claim up to £350 for each charger they install, potentially making for thousands in savings. All OZEV authorised installers must be registered with a Competent Person Scheme, such as NAPIT or NICIEC. However, this does not alone ensure that they will know the best kind of charging points or have the experience necessary to give you the best possible service.


A passion for EV charging

With Stelectrix, we are proud of our knowledge and experience in this sector, and have committed wholeheartedly towards making Britain a greener, cleaner place to drive for future generations. We know all the ins and outs of the EV charging marketplace, and will be able to advise on the best charging points for your property, and the most suitable site for installation.


Getting the right charging point for your home and car

There are many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to installing an EV charging point. For example, there are multiple different kinds of connector. The main ones are type 1 and type 2, and it is of course very important that you install the right charging point and connector for your car. Type 1 is most common for US vehicles, and Type 2 is more common in this country, as it is used for European and Japanese manufacturers, and also Tesla. You can also install chargers which allow for much faster charging, and install solar panels to the charging point, which means almost all the energy supplied to the vehicle is directly renewable. It's the equivalent to having a solar powered vehicle!


Contact Your Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installer to chat more about which EV charging point is right for your property, and fill out our handy contact form to arrange a quote.

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