However, with EV ownership quadrupling in just the last two years, and levels expected to further climb in the next decade, it is likely that finding an available charging point will be next to impossible in the near future.


Having your own charging point alleviates this concern. You can have your car fully charged before you commence your day, and in most circumstances there will be more than enough charge to last all day, especially if you only use your vehicle for commuting and errands. Better still, the charging point is yours, and you can ensure it matches the needs of you and your car. This means you can opt for a slower-charging, more economical charge point if your vehicle usage is less frequent, and decide to have a faster, more powerful charging point if your needs are more demanding. Most home EV points are much faster than public EV chargers too.


In the long run, this will also save you money, as charging points in service stations are likely to charge more than simply the price of the electricity. You can also rent the point out to your neighbours, or, if you are generous, let them use it in exchange for lending a lawnmower or suchlike! Either way, having a charger makes your property more valuable.

For businesses, too

For a business, having one or more EV chargers installed on your company premises gives you new revenue possibilities, and potentially attracts more customers. Staff with electric vehicles will also appreciate being able to charge their cars where they work, and the fact that your business is ahead of the times and providing this convenience improves the business image as a whole too. There are also grants available through OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) which can help alleviate the cost whilst providing an incentive to have a charger fitted.

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